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Lecture:Hospital Management Practices - A Case Study of Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital
Date:12/09/15 (Wed) 13:30~15:30
LecturerKaohsiung Veterans General Hospital, vice president Zhang Hongtai
TopicHospital Management Practices - A Case Study of Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital
Sponsor: Department of Medical Business Management Master Program
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Application deadline: now until 104.12.06 (daily) 23:59 ended (full amount if people will close the form in advance)
Contact window: 07-5252000 ext 4871 Tian Zhirong assistant / Lin Yi Xiu & Shiliang Sheng students
Taiwan has Asia's leading health care systems, provide the public with comprehensive health care, results of excellence. However, due to Taiwan's aging population, rising health care costs, NHI financial deficit, the Taiwan government is facing pressure on public health care reform. Taiwan's various medical industry is also facing changing business environment, we had to quickly respond to changing market conditions, in order to survive and grow. Taiwan medical industry overview consists mainly of medical services, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industry in three categories. Speech previous speakers have been invited to respond to business strategies of biomedical industry and pharmaceutical companies for large environments, and this lecture please Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital HungTie,Chen vice president for us for health care providers - hospitals to share their experience of the management!
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