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Course Program


Stage 1: Choosing a track or changing tracks

1. Students need to apply for a track no later than four semesters after starting the program.

2. Students should get approval from the doctoral committee after getting approval for major and minor tracks

3. After selecting a major track graduate students need approval from the doctoral committee to change tracks. A minor track can be changed only one time.


Stage 2: Comprehensive examinations

1. Graduate students need to take basic courses according to the program requirements.

2. The comprehensive exams takes is held once every semester. Students who fail may repeat the exam one time only. If the student still fails to pass they must leave the program.

3. The comprehensive exam can be taken in the second year, but at most within 5 years. If not passed within the time limit the academic chair will give notification to leave the program.

4. After completing the comprehensive exam then in accordance with the university graduate regulations the academic chair may propose the graduate student is changed to doctoral candidate status.