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The MBA curriculum will consist of 3 foundation courses (9 credits), 7 required courses (21 credits) and 15 selective credits with a total of 48 credit hours. A master thesis is required for graduation. The normal study period of this program will be 2 years; the maximum period of study will be 4 years. The curriculum modules are described as below:

Foundation Courses:

  1. Organizational Theory & Management

  2. Business Policy and Strategy

  3. Ethics, leadership, and Decision

Each course is 3-credit units and may be waived if an equivalent course has been taken before. 

Required Courses:

  • Productions and Operations Management

  • Human Resources Management

  • Management of Information Systems

  • Financial Management and Research

  • Marketing Management and Research

  • Managerial Statistics

  • Managerial Accounting

  • Managerial Economics (Required by MBA2 students)

Each course is 3-credit units and may be waived if an equivalent course has been taken before. 

Selective Courses
Selective courses are provided for students to develop their expertise in specialized areas, including finance, human resources and management, information and operations management, marketing, as well as international strategy.

  • Finance

    • Investments

    • Financial Institutions and Capital Markets

    • Financial Management & Strategy

    • Financial Statements Analysis

    • Corporate Finance Theory

  • Human Resources and Management

  • Human Resource Management

  • Organizational Development

  • Negotiation

  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  • Information and Operations Management

    Electronic Commerce

    Introduction to Intellectual

    Electronic Logistics

    Property Rights

    Supply Chain Management

    Database Management

    Knowledge Management Systems

    Six Sigma

    System Analysis and Design

    Technological Innovation Management

    Innovation Management


  • Marketing

    Marketing Research

    International Advertising

    Customer Behavior

    Brand Management

    Internet Marketing

    Service Marketing


    Strategic Brand Management

    International Marketing Management

    Business Research Methods

    International Marketing


  • International Business Management

  • Business and Law

  • Strategic Dynamics

  • Entrepreneurship Management

  • Comparative Study on Cross-Strait Business Management

  • International strategy